At Rocket Supreme we design and build bespoke motorcycles, and we challenge ourselves each time to create a machine every bit as good as the one in your imagination.

Each bespoke motorcycle is handmade to your specification by our team of experienced and award winning design and creation specialists. Inspired by your vision and our passion, we believe, first and foremost, in quality and attention to detail.

Rocket Supreme motorcycles are uniquely developed and custom made from carbon fibre: a preferred material in aerospace and motorsports due to its high tensile strength, low weight and high chemical resistance.

You choose the style of motorcycle – café racer, scrambler, street tracker, whatever you like we want to work with it - and we will create a custom classic that’s all yours. Whether that’s a modern twist on an old standard, a retro style on a modern motorcycle or just a crazy idea you had once.

Know exactly what you want? You can choose the origin and age of your donor motorcycle and tell us exactly how much boost you require! You can even bring us your own motorcycle.

Not sure what you want? Share with us your style and vision and we can advise you on the most suitable donor motorcycle to match . We also have two in-house designs – the Big Joe I and the Little Joe II that can be customised to your specification.

At Rocket Supreme we have…
20 years experience of building and customising vehicles
20 years design experience
And more than 40 years of loving and riding motorcycles.

Real passion, real riders, real craftsmanship.

Amalio Martinez

The Captain of the Supreme crew has been building custom motorcycles and cars for more than 20 years. A multi-trophy winner (for customisation and innovative design) and former head of the first “custom school” in Spain. Uncountable motorcycles and cars have been through his hands! When Amalio is not in the Rocket Supreme workshop, you’ll find him on one of his cross/supermotard motorcycles in the surrounding mountains or tracks of Barcelona.

Designer, philosopher and the creative source of the team. Marc had his first motorbike at age 3 and by 17 was managing his own scooter racing team for the state national competition: achieving 2nd position in the championship. As he has dedicated most of his 10 years of design experience to 4 wheels, his passion for 2 wheel design is such a burning desire that he needs to be tamed at times.

Marc Planas

Jaume Puig

Soul maker, Jaume, is in charge of all mechanics and mechanical upgrades. He has been involved with motorcycle competitions for more than 10 years. His highest achievement was to help win the Catalan championship with Moto2 and MotoGp pilots Pol Espargaro and Marc Marquez. Multidisciplinary minded, without doubt he will ensure your machine sounds cool and drives as smooth and fast as possible.

Fully dedicated to his spiritual life, Chris is the heart that gives life to Rocket Supreme. On occasion he works in his real profession of car design. Chris is a former design director of a very well known Italian car manufacturer. The team feel privileged that he’s chosen to spend his “spare time” at Rocket Supreme… and plan to keep him a long time!

Chris Reitz

Our Numbers


The term café racer was first coined by British motorcycle enthusiasts


weight reduction to equivalent all metal bike


Carbon fibre is 5 times lighter the steel


Little Joe II engine displacement is 600cc


mph also known as “the ton”. The speed aimed at by daring café racers in the 60s


litres is the capacity of Rocket Supreme’s carbon fibre fuel tank


Not what you’re thinking, with your corrupt mind


hours in R&D for Rocket Supreme Little Joe II

was the capsule used in the first full-scale flight operation associated with Project Mercury in Cape Canaveral, Florida 1959.The innovative design and methods for using new materials learned from Big Joe I were incorporated in a number of major redesign decisions for future missions. The Big Joe I motorcycle is our in-house designed double seater.

was an American space launch vehicle, the first of its kind capable of handling the large Apollo rockets. The Little Joe tests were a giant leap for rocket science and paved the way for the great moon landing. Little Joe II was also used in the Apollo program to propel test pilot “Monkey Sam” into orbit. The Little Joe II motorcycle is our in-house designed mono seater.

Creating your bespoke Rocket Supreme motorcycle

All Rocket Supreme motorcycles are individually hand built and assembled to your specification. All body parts, including fuel tanks, are custom made out of carbon fibre, then finished and painted to your individual taste. You can be as involved as you want – come to Barcelona, see the plans, test drive the motorcycle or keep in touch via email/ telephone. Our Rocket Supreme Big Joe I and Rocket Supreme Little Joe II motorcycles, including the base bike, start out at a minimum of T.B.D. euros. You can also bring a motorcycle to us or request a donor bike. Special projects are quoted individually. Design proposals can be drawn up with no obligation to buy.

Living with your Rocket Supreme motorcycle

All motorcycles are ITV approved and easy to maintain. We source our motorcycles mostly from Spain, and will be delivered with the official Spanish legal documents/ papers. Rocket Supreme Big Joe I and Rocket Supreme Little Joe II motorcycles use existing production frames and roadworthiness is not altered by our customisation.

Enjoying & Maintaining your Rocket Supreme motorcycle

As our motorcycles are based on highly reliable “as new” donor bikes, in the unlikely event of needing spare parts, you can go ahead and order these by model from your local dealer. For customized/ non-standard bits and pieces we can supply you with the required part or inform you where to get it. Service should be carried out by experienced personnel. Please contact us if there are any questions regarding the special parts on the motorcycle. As we test and overhaul all mechanical and electrical parts before delivery, the motorcycle will be in “like new” condition.

  • Contact us and share your wishes and budget
  • We will create design proposals and prices
  • Choose the motorcycle design for you! Agree to order conditions and transfer down payment of 50%
  • We will get cracking and update you periodically
  • On the pre-determined date you will receive your finished Rocket Supreme motorcycle and pay us the remaining 50%.
Lift off!

How involved you are at this stage is up to you. Leave it in our hands or come to Barcelona and spend time with us in the studio. You can be involved in any stage from the design, to watching us build, to taking it for test drives. For our international customers this can be combined with a weekend of sun, sea and tapas!

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