Has a passion for design and innovative automotive projects is one of Europe’s top car designers. At Fiat he was responsible for the Fiat 500.

A relative of the Porsche family injects automotive entrepreneurs mind-set in his blood, Chris graduated from Art Center Europe in Switzerland and began his career at Volkswagen in 1993, moving to Audi where he was in charge of Advance Design.

In 1999 he joined Nissan and worked in various roles, including studio chief designer and member of the Global Nissan Design Strategy. In 2005 he joined the Fiat Group and became the head of the Turin based carmaker’s Styling Center in January 2005. He was additionally appointed to the Design Director position at Alfa Romeo/Maserati.

Marc had his first motorbike at age 3 and by 17 was managing his own scooter racing team for the state national competition, achieving 2nd position in the championship. He has gasoline in his veins.

Most of his 15 years of design experience are dedicated to 2 or 4 wheels and coordinating this processes . After working for Land Rover Jaguar, Marc founded Rocket Supreme Studio and coordinated projects like Riversimple Rasa and various Honda projects.

Managing & coordinating of the R&D pack is his passion, important part when dreams have to come true.

Former RCA Master student, people say Ferran has petrol instead blood in his veins. His passion for car design is the kick-start for his passion for mobility Ferran began his career at Toyota, Land Rover moving to Rocket Supreme where he is in charge of exterior design..

Speed and dynamism are the essentials for his design creativity and love for cars. The new energy vehicle movements fuels the creativity of a petrol head like Ferran.

Marc is the mythical example of typical Mediterranean freshness and lifestyle. He began designing cars for Nissan Motor Iberia in 1995. He was part of the design of iconic Nissan 4×4 models as the Nissan Patrol GR, Nissan Terrano II, Nissan Serena and was part of the team of the Nissan Micra in 2004.

Marc looks to the future, his interest in mobility has made him be involved in the development of train wagons and train station new concepts for the future.

Adding to this, Marc is a teacher in various transportation design universities, even appointed Director of Transportation Design Master in Elisava design university in Barcelona.

Gonzalo is just the best, no words, just need to work with him….

Juan Camilo is an initiative-taking business graduate with a keen interest in renewable energy transition and finance. Prior to his business education at IE University, Juan Camilo lived and studied in Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, and China, where he acquired the skills and experiences that provide him with a global view of the business world.


At Rocket Supreme we have…

20 years experience of building and customising vehicles. 20 years design experience. And more than 40 years of riding & driving. Real passion, real riders, real craftsmanship.